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Case Study: Top school of Latvia chooses AREC as an e-learning solution

Dear ADENA Partners, there are many applications for lecture capture products in all vertical markets, but the most common ones are related to education. To highlight how AREC products can be used for different types of educational institutions, we want to share a case study from our partner Sensuslab - they outfitted an innovative classroom for the Valsts Administration School in Latvia.

Known as Valsts administrācijas skola, the school is the largest training center for public administration employees in the country and prepares around 12,000 professionals for the public sector yearly. The school combines classic and modern teaching methods - it offers traditional class tutoring, but also interactive e-courses, all to provide the best possible learning experience for its students. In addition to creating an outstanding curriculum, however, a school also needs professional learning tools and technologies. Lecture capture products, interactive displays, and professional PTZ cameras - all improve the hybrid education quality and intelligibility, and so the school chose AREC Media Capture System to enhance its e-course classroom.

To record and stream lecture content and PTZ camera feed, our partner Sensuslab recommended LS-300 Media Station, a 3-channel model. It can simultaneously record and stream a video made of three different sources to two RTMP platforms. This video can include overlays, such as school logos or lecturer credentials, and backgrounds that help emphasize lecture content or serve branding purposes. A defining feature of LS-300 is its ease of use - it can be controlled in many ways, including via the Graphical User Interface, or GUI for short. GUI can be used on any connected display either with a computer mouse or touch input and the school uses it through A-TS01, AREC’s Interactive Touch Display made specifically for lecturers’ convenience. Through this display and LS-300’s inbuilt switcher, it is possible to select any combination of network PTZ cameras and computer content with just one touch, making it really easy for the lecturer to focus on the class and not worry about technology.

Valsts Administration School is another educational institution that successfully improved its e-learning tools with AREC.

Is your institution looking for a cost-effective way of bolstering the quality of provided education material? Contact us at and we will happily advise you how to do that!



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