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Case Study: Recording online business courses with AREC in the CIS

Dear ADENA Partners, this time we have a corporate case study from one of our CIS partners Tayle. AREC Media Capture Systems can be used in a variety of settings to great effect, and companies using AREC to create training courses or conduct webinars know that for a fact. One of such companies, Tayle, set up online business training courses available to all titled “BeGuru” and used AREC solutions to record them.

Founded in 1992, Tayle is amongst the first IT companies to appear in the CIS region. Starting as a system integrator, the company gradually transformed into a distributor and manufacturer of its own brands. These past decades of experience working in all market levels gave Tayle's management team a unique understanding of business processes which they are offering in online business classes called “BeGuru”. To make sure that they can effectively connect with companies from all over the region, Tayle relied on Zoom video conferencing solutions. However, the quality and user experience of software-generated recording was not satisfactory, and so AREC Media Station was used to upgrade the whole system.

Tayle chose LS-300 for its ability to mix and record 3 video sources at the same time. With this model Tayle’s team mixed and used two cameras and computer slides simultaneously, switching camera angles for a more visually-striking effect. Another key LS-300 advantage, simplicity of control, proved very useful to Tayle’s team as they are able to switch between preset combinations of video sources, overlays, and backgrounds. The team prefers using AREC’s free software application for that, but other options, such as interactive GUI, control panels, mobile devices, cloud-based systems and more can be used to operate the station.

Tayle’s experience once again showed that AREC Media Stations excel when it comes to recording material in a user-friendly way. Is your organization also looking to improve the systems running your webinars? Contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.



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