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Case Study: Distance learning at its best in Lyngby Educational Center with AREC

Dear ADENA partners, in this case study completed together with UNIT.DK (Official AREC Distributor in Denmark) we are looking at VUC Lyngby, a large and modern Danish educational center, and why it chose AREC for its AV needs. With many of its students only able to attend remotely, it became paramount for VUC Lyngby to have the right tools for both public and private e-learning. These needs were completely solved by AREC solutions and now the center can transfer their activities online to full extent.

VUC Lyngby is a center offering courses to young and older students and employed professionals in a variety of disciplines. It attracts students from all over the capital island of Zealand. It has more than 2000 students simultaneously taking courses, and more than 800 of them are full-time students. With that many students relying on VUC Lyngby, it is not surprising that the center started looking for e-learning solutions the moment pandemic restrictions were put in place.

This e-learning solution had to be highly functional, since VUC Lyngby provides courses not only in general subjects, such as mathematics, but also personalized courses for private companies, which must remain confidential. AREC solutions fit the bill perfectly with two products - LS-300 Media Station and RADA HDMI to USB Bridge. The Media Station is capable of streaming a fully customizable video that is made of three video sources with mixed audio to two popular CDNs at the same time (VUC Lyngby uses YouTube for this). And with RADA HDMI to USB Bridge, the center can also convert this same video coming from the Media Station and turn it into USB for use in video conferencing apps as a webcam (with the center preferring Microsoft Teams). In addition to that, AREC LS-300 can be controlled in a variety of ways - and in this case, VUC Lyngby opted for a Crestron control panel that made switching video layouts and graphical elements on the go as easy as it can be. 

With a final touch of two PTZ IP cameras for the speaker and audience, and projectors for local image showing, the installation was complete and the center finished the e-learning upgrade task with A+. If you would like to know more about how AREC solutions can solve your tasks, please contact us at and we will be happy to arrange a demonstration for you.



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