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KS-CC1 - Closed Captions Station

Dear ADENA Partners, we are happy to announce the launch of our new device, KS-CC1, Close Captions Station. It can transcribe and translate speech from a wide variety of languages and output it as a textual overlay live. The station is also saving transcribed and translated text along with the mixed audio and video, so users can edit any inaccuracies present and download the captions as SRT text files. KS-CC1 is a fully automatic, AI-based device relying on Google API to provide its core functionality, and thus it ensures a high transcription and translation accuracy, similar to that of Google Translate.

KS-CC1 has a number of principal applications. For example, it can help organizations, companies, universities, and others involve deaf audience members by providing close captions of spoken material. Since the station supports simultaneous translation and transcription, it can also be used for multilingual audiences. It can transcribe the spoken language and translate it to two different languages at the same time. Users that connect to the station via displayed QR codes can then follow the event in a language of their choice.

Lastly, KS-CC1 is highly cost-effective when compared to traditional transcription and live interpretation. All of the above qualities make it a perfect companion for all AREC Media Station installations, and specifically for DS-4CU Speaker Tracking Station. The latter combination will not only enable organizations to track the speakers, but also caption and translate them, without human involvement.

KS-CC1 is already available. Please feel free to contact us at to receive a free demonstration or to learn more about it.

Text: Anastasia Yakimenko



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