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ADENA Hack: How to use Google Drive to upload your recordings?

Our latest firmware updates introduced a new upload mode integration - Google Drive. Drive is a convenient way to store your data and the setup process is extremely easy.

To start using it, first, update your station to the latest version and clean your browser cache and cookies afterwards. Then, open the Administrator web page of your Media Station, log in, and navigate to the “Upload” page. On the right side of this page, under “Transfer Settings” in “Mode”, select “Google Drive”. Next, click on “Get Device Code”. A device code will be displayed and a new button called “Sign in” will appear below. Click on “Sign in” and a new browser page will open. Enter the code you see on the station in the empty field on this new page.

Afterward, select your Google Account or log in if you don’t have it saved and allow the AREC Upload Service when prompted. After you see a “Success! Device connected” message on Google, return to the Administrator web page of the Media Station and click “Apply” below. You can now start using the upload service - simply enter the folder name where you want to upload your recordings to in the “Folder” field or leave it empty. In the latter case, the station will create new folders and call them according to the metadata (e.g., time and date) for every upload in your Google Drive. However, please note that due to authentication limits, Media Stations are not able to upload deeper than 1 folder in your Google Drive.

Google Drive is now supported on all VA1 AREC models, as well as LS-110. Would you like to know how to use other upload methods with AREC? Contact us at and we will be happy to help you.



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