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ADENA Hack: How to troubleshoot AREC network cameras connection

Connecting AREC network cameras is generally a very straightforward process. Even if the connection doesn’t start up immediately, it is quite easy to find the reason why. We have prepared a list of things that will help you establish the connection properly:

  • Sometimes, the most basic is the likeliest - check the cables and how they are connected. Try the same cable with another device to make sure it is working properly.

  • Is the camera fresh out of the box? Our cameras are shipped with predefined static IP addresses - (all models) and for A-TC01 (tracking) and (wide-angle). Check how to change the IP address in our video on this topic.

  • Are the devices you are using in the same network? You can find the camera’s IP quickly by connecting it to any display, then turning the camera’s power off and back on - its IP address will be displayed on the screen. If this is not possible in your environment, you can always reset the camera to factory settings by using the combination [ * ] + [ # ] + [ Manual ] on its remote control.

  • Are you connecting the camera directly to an AREC Media Station’s LAN port? In that case, check if the camera is set to DHCP mode - AREC stations assign their own IP addresses to devices connected that way.

  • Still can’t find the camera in your network? Try turning power off and back on again - it will refresh the IP address on the camera and may assign a new one if needed.

If you need additional support, contact us through our website - we are always happy to help you!



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