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Case Study: University of Latvia

ADENA Limited would like to share another success story with you, this time from Latvia. Humanities and Social Sciences Center of the University of Latvia installed AREC Media Station LS-300 for their recording and streaming needs.

The University of Latvia, one of the biggest universities in the Baltic States, decided to use AREC LS-300 Media Station to professionally record and live stream conferences and presentations. Before starting to work with AREC solutions, university staff had to spend hours and hours of their precious time on editing and setting up equipment for recording, which in the end still could not produce videos of the required standard. Nonetheless, always being on the forefront of technological advances as is evident from their commitment to e-learning, University of Latvia Social Sciences Center caught on the trend of Media Stations and decided to install this solution for themselves.

AREC Media Stations are particularly fitting for University of Latvia’s objective, which is to have an advanced system for simultaneous recording and live streaming. This system must also be able to capture audio and video from multiple digital sources, such as cameras, laptops, and other equipment while displaying these sources on a monitor without showing presenter’s camera. SensusLab Ltd. together with ADENA Limited’s support chose the most suitable Media Station and provided it to the University of Latvia. It now attracts an even greater number of students and speakers, since the audience is not limited by hall capacity anymore, and events are shared through the Internet. Ease of use, configuration, and quality level of recording are praised by both presenters and audience.



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