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Case Study: Innovation at Landakirkja Church — Transforming Ceremonies with the KL-3W Media Station

Greetings ADENA Partners, we are excited to share a story from Landakirkja, a beautiful church in Iceland. Proposed and installed by our partner ID Electronics, the AREC KL-3W Media Station has enabled the church to live-stream small and large ceremonies, connecting with those who may not otherwise have been able to attend.

Landakirkja, located on Heimaey Island, is the largest and most populous church off the coast of mainland Iceland. Serving a vibrant community of over 4,000 residents, it holds the distinction of being the third oldest church in Iceland. The church had long aspired to expand its services to include the local nursing home, where elderly residents were unable to attend in person due to mobility and other challenges. When the existing analog system proved inadequate for this purpose, ID Electronics introduced Landakirkja to the AREC Media Capture System and proposed a solution based on the KL-3W model.

KL-3W Media Station

The KL-3W is a 3-channel Media Station equipped with a built-in confidence monitor. Like all AREC stations, it stands out for its user-friendly design, featuring physical buttons for essential functions and offering live monitoring through a web page, among other control options. It is working together with two network cameras and an audio system in the church. It automatically mixes these audio and video sources, eliminating the need for church officials to dedicate their valuable time to these tasks. The combined videos are then shared on the church's YouTube channel. In the words of Gísli Stefánsson, a representative of Landakirkja, the timing of acquiring the station was impeccable: "When the pandemic hit, we were able to stream to all those that could not attend because of restrictions. That helped a lot”.

Landakirkja continues to use the station to this day, streaming various ceremonies in both public and private sessions. As the church's experience shows, having a reliable system like AREC Media Station becomes not just a convenience but a necessity. If your church is looking to ensure seamless connectivity with your community during uncertain times, reach out to us at and we will be happy to discuss your needs in detail.



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