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ARECare Point-to-Point Conferencing Media Stations

Dear ADENA Partners, have you already seen ARECare? This is a family of recording and streaming stations with additional features of interactive conferencing. This point-to-point conferencing mode allows users to exchange audio and video from a variety of devices, including medical devices, professional AV products, and even previously recorded videos through USB flash drives. Both sides can annotate on top of any video source, and save the annotations with video recordings or as still images through snapshots.

The calls can also be made to ARECall software. It is a free app that is available for iOS and Android devices. These features make ARECare belong in a variety of scenarios. For example, it can be used to enable the connection between the doctor’s office and the patient or their family, between the medical room and a lecture hall, between a teacher and a student, and other scenarios.

Take a look at how this works in a fragment from our recent webinar and find more information about ARECare from our comparison chart available via this link. If you would like to see the devices working live, make sure to request a personal presentation through our website



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