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Case Study: AREC and Houses of Worship - Finnish Experience

Dear ADENA Partners, we start this year with a case study from a beautiful and modern Espoonlahti Church in Finland. Completed by our partner F-Musikki, this project highlights how AREC systems can be used to record and live-stream religious ceremonies and concerts.

Espoonlahden Kirkko, or Espoonlahti Church as it is known in English, is a Lutheran church that is known for its unique floor design. During church services, the sun shines on the altar wall and produces a spectacular visual effect. The church is also known for its organ, which was used several times for Kesäillan Urkumusiikkia, a series of organ concerts. These and other qualities of Espoonlahti Church made it an important landmark not only for the residents of Espoo, but also tourists. As such, it didn’t take long for the church to get renovated when signs of damage appeared.

The church’s audiovisual systems got an uplift as part of this renovation. Pandemic restrictions and the growing popularity of streaming made it clear that audiovisual systems are required for the growth of the church. Thus, the officials decided to obtain a streaming system and a set of network cameras to use for Sunday services, events, and organ concerts. Thanks to the advice of our partner F-Musikki, the church selected AREC for all its streaming needs.

Specifically, LS-860N Media Station was the chosen model. It is a four-channel device that is able to mix, record, and stream up to 4 video sources at the same time. This model is powered by NDI|HX, a technology that allows connecting all kinds of devices via the network with minimal latency. Through NDI, the Media Station is connected to the PTZ network cameras that were also installed for the church. LS-860N is able to receive their audio and video outputs, as well as control them. What makes the LS-860N particularly appealing to the church is just how user-friendly it is. Officials do not need to manage the device themselves since it automatically picks up events from the church’s schedule. In cases when they do want to manage the process, it is easy to navigate the menus and control the device via on-screen GUI and free-to-use software.

Newly renovated and technologically upgraded Espoonlahti Church is already streaming its events and ceremonies, involving both local and remote attendees. Is your church looking to upgrade its AV setup? Contact us at and we will find the right solution for you!

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