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ADENA Hack: How to use some of the extra features of Media Stations?

LS-860 and LS-US2 have a number of unique features that you may not know about. For example, they can create a special overlay for date and time. This overlay can be configured in a number of ways, including date format, font colour, size, and its position on the screen. The date/time overlay can be used to constantly give a real-time indication of when the recording and streaming is taking place and doesn’t conflict with standard overlays. To enable and configure it, open the “Administrator” web page of your Media Station, proceed to “Video” -> “Themes” and scroll down. You will see a menu like this

Toggle the button and change settings according to your preferences. You can use the Online Director web page to preview changes without leaving your computer. Time displayed is determined by your “Date and Time” system settings, which can be found in “Administrator”->“System”->”System Settings”.

One other feature that you may have skipped is called “Smooth Transitions”. Enabling it allows you to set a fade in-fade out effect when changing layouts. You can determine the length of this effect - from 0.5 to 5 seconds. Transitions, just like other special effects and designs, can be used to enhance the video appearance and make it stand out - therefore, if you haven’t tried this feature yet, give it a go!

Would you like to know more about the unique features of AREC devices? Contact us at and we will be happy to introduce them to you, or complete our ADENAcademy class (C3) dedicated specifically to this topic!



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