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ADENA Hack: How to stream in high quality over unreliable networks

Always staying on top of innovative solutions for video streaming, AREC implemented SRT streaming into the top Media Station model, LS-860. This protocol, defined as Secure Reliable Transport, gained popularity due to its low latency, high quality of the video, encryption options, as well as its ability to deliver video even when other protocols would suffer from high packet loss.

SRT on the LS-860 is supported in “Caller” and “Listener” modes and acts as a streamer. In the “Caller” mode, LS-860 can stream via SRT to a player device or platform capable of receiving it, whereas in the “Listener” mode, LS-860 can receive an SRT stream from such player. SRT is practical for users because it doesn’t require complex and costly hardware to run - free-to-use applications from Haivision are available for both iOS and Android that can help you stream on the go. Moreover, SRT-enabled platforms, for example,, take full advantage of the strong network performance of SRT, its quality, and security while also restreaming to commonplace RTMP platforms, outperforming them in the process. Would you like to try the LS-860 with SRT today? Visit us at and we will be happy to arrange that for you



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