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ADENA Hack: How to make it visible that the Media Station is recording?

There are multiple ways in which AREC Media Stations indicate recording status. First of all, every station lights up the “recording” button when it is recording. You can also see that through the GUI, the web interface, using PC/MAC applications, and even through a dedicated accessory UB-01 Recording Light- through which recording and streaming can also be initiated. However, another way is via the camera’s tally light - we introduced these to CI-21H and CI-22H PTZ Camera models for your convenience. Whenever you are using these camera models with our stations, upon starting a recording session, the tally light will automatically turn on and thus indicate that the Media Station is working. This addition to CI-21H and CI-22H models can help both the host and their audience know that they are being recorded without extra costs. Would you like to see how it works in practice? Contact us at to arrange a demonstration and we will be more than happy to arrange it for you.



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