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ADENA Hack: How to configure tracking on the A-TC02 and A-TC04 AI Tracking Cameras?

Our AI Tracking cameras OnyxCam and NoirCam both come equipped with two tracking modes: ‘Presenter’ and ‘Zone’ tracking. You can enable these tracking modes through the camera’s web interface. To open it, enter the IP address of your camera (by default,, log in, and proceed to the ‘Monocular Tracking’ page, available on the top-right part of the camera’s interface. You will find the tracking settings on the right side of this page.

‘Presenter’ is the default tracking mode and, when enabled, will make the camera automatically follow the target it acquires until said target leaves the field of view of the camera. The camera will automatically adjust zoom and keep the tracking target in the centre of the image. Tracking targets can be changed by using the IR remote that comes with the camera. To do that, simply point at the camera with the remote and press the blue ‘F4’ button. You can keep pressing the button until the camera settles on the target you need. Importantly, the camera also keeps track of the order in which the tracking targets appeared, and so it will return to the first acquired tracking target if the current one leaves. Please keep in mind that when the ‘Presenter’ tracking mode is enabled, manual PTZ control is restricted, and you will only be able to adjust the PTZ by using NDI.

‘Zone’ tracking mode works very differently. The purpose of this mode is to set up different zoom and preset positions depending on the area the tracking target is in. To set it up, first, disable tracking, and adjust the camera’s PTZ to your desired position. This position should be on the edge of your tracking area. Click on ‘Set’ next to ‘Region1’ to save this position. Then, move the camera either left or right, depending on your tracking area. The areas should intersect a little, so a fragment of region 1 should be visible in region 2. When ready, click ‘Set’ next to ‘Region2’ to save this position. With two regions set, you can now enable the mode. Tick the boxes next to regions 1 and 2, enable tracking, and set the mode to ‘Zone’. Now, the camera will apply the presets you configured depending on which zone you move in. You can set up to 4 continuous regions in this tracking mode. To give an example of how this can be used, take a look at these diagrams.

In this case, there are 4 continuous zones with the same zoom level applied. As the tracking target moves from one zone to another, the presets will change accordingly. The camera will only move when the tracking target moves into a different zone, reacting solely to bigger movements.

In this case, the camera will zoom out when the tracking target approaches the board, but zoom in when the target sits behind the desk. If the tracking target walks over to the chairs, it will zoom out again.

The two tracking modes make it possible to use A-TC02 OnyxCam and A-TC04 NoirCam in all sorts of scenarios in conference rooms, lecture halls, and other facilities. Would you like to see how the tracking works, or learn more about AREC and RADA solutions? Contact us at and we would be happy to assist you.



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