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ADENA Hack: How to complement your AREC setup

AREC devices are flexible and can be used with a variety of devices to complement their features. For example, you can use computer mice to operate interactive GUI, or regular numeric keypads to control basic features like theme switching or recording and streaming controls. However, we are also introducing two additional accessories to make your recording and streaming experience even more pleasant - these are UB-01 and AM-01. The UB-01 is a recording light - when it is connected to AREC Media Station via USB, it can issue start and stop recording commands, as well as show if a recording session is in progress. The device can be mounted on a wall to provide a visible cue for the presenter. AM-01 is a receiver for the wireless microphone - it can be used to pair AM-600 and AM-601 microphones with computers, Media Stations that don’t have inbuilt antennas, and other devices via USB to capture their audio. Both accessories are available now and can be used together with other AREC and third party solutions to expand our products’ features. Find out more information about these devices in their product pages, or contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.



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