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A Great Success at LLB 2016 in Sweden

AREC, the world leading standalone Media Capture System manufacturer has attended LLB show in Sweden with Austman Consulting AB’s support. Austman Consulting AB is the official AREC partner in Nordic region.

During 3 days of LLB, we mainly showcased:

  1. Industry only real Auto-Tracking System, which is not IVS based, no false alarm and totally free to move/carry (no extra setup requires before each use),

  2. Our latest Media Capture System with brand new amazing features – KS-710, which provides more possibilities to meet your requirements. Unique features such as:

a). Flexible 4-channel and 5-channel video output design: to satisfy your requirement regarding video editing,

b). Proprietary signal separation technology: to have different video layout while recording and live viewing,

c). Intelligent video switcher/Intelligent presentation indexing and others.

Visitors came to us with many different requirements from different vertical markets. Our next mission is to satisfy visitors’ needs.

AREC and Austman Consulting AB will never stop their steps supporting customers to build-up their own Media Capture System.



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