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Start your media work with Content Starter Set!

Dear ADENA Partners, e-learning is experiencing unprecedented demand, and there is a greater need in hybrid education tools than ever before. Such tools have always been our focus, and to show for that we are releasing a new set, Content Starter.

It is made of just two elements - A-VC01 VersaCam and LS-2 Media Station. VersaCam

is a compact auto framing camera with x8 digital zoom, 120° FOV, 12 meters range omnidirectional microphone, HDMI, and USB connectors that work simultaneously. LS-2 Media Station is a device that allows you to connect your audio and video sources, mix, control, record, and stream them easily, as well as backup, publish and export content among other features.

The two elements come in a protective hardshell suitcase that is perfect for transportation and on the go recording/streaming. Contact your local ADENA representative for more details, or send us an email at to learn more about our solutions.



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