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LS-860 - 4 channel Media Station with SRT and NDI Support

Dear ADENA partners, welcome our latest addition to the AREC Media Station family, LS-860. It is a top of the line, 4 channel Media Station that supports simultaneous recording of up to 4 sources in Full HD at 60 FPS, and at the same time, streaming up to 2 RTMP platforms.

In addition to all our staple features, LS-860 is the first station in our product line to support SRT streaming - a protocol that provides secure, reliable, low latency transmission even in unstable networks. LS-860 can publish streams in both “Caller” and Listener” modes. LS-860 is also the first station to support NDI-HX. You can use NDI to connect video sources, such as network cameras, computers, and other NDI-compatible devices through the network, and make LS-860 discoverable via NDI in other devices and applications. LS-860 has advanced sound control for the mixed and independent channels, allowing you to define which audio source to record for every video source. Lastly, LS-860 has x4 HDMI inputs that support Full HD recording and streaming in 60 FPS.

LS-860 is already available, and if you would like to see it or know more about it, please contact us at and we will be happy to answer any questions.



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