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ADENA Hack: How to change where the GUI and the mixed video are displayed

All LS and KL stations’ outputs are able to work in two modes - “Preview Mixed Recording” and “Monitor Input Sources”. 

When an output is set to “Preview Mixed Recording”, it will display your mixed video preset (layout, background, and overlay), as well as the graphical user interface. 

When an output is set to “Monitor Input Sources”, it can mirror a mixed video preset look and loop through sources, but it will not have the GUI.

These modes can be changed in the System Administrator web page of the station, in Media I/O -> Display -> Video output settings. Station will automatically restart upon applying changes. 

With these settings, Media Stations can be an ideal fit for any room - they can provide means of control on a big screen, or loop through relevant sources. If you require assistance with setting up your Media Stations, or if you would like to receive more ideas on how to use AREC products to achieve your goals, please feel free to contact us at



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