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ADENA Hack: How to calibrate Media Station’s GUI

All LS and KL stations have access to an interactive GUI. For KL stations, GUI is by default on the station’s display, and for LS series it is on HDMI output (this can be changed via System Administrator settings). 

Both LS and KL series’ GUIs can be used on interactive touchscreens, provided they are connected via USB. 

Input accuracy can be calibrated by pressing on the “Gear” icon, followed by a “Pen with crosshairs” icon.

The screen will turn white, and you will see a red target in the top left corner. Press in the middle of it, and repeat for the top right, bottom right, bottom left and middle targets. After that, the calibration process is complete and you will return to your regular display mode. GUI calibration lets users combine AREC stations with touch displays and projectors of various sizes and use them to the maximum value.

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