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Case Study: Nestle uses AREC to Record Meetings

Dear ADENA Partners, this time we are bringing an exciting case study - Nestle in Chile. Thanks to the efforts of our partner Novotic, the company is using a complete AREC solution with Crestron, QSC, and Sennheiser for their new conference room.

Nestle is a global food and drink processing conglomerate with more than 447 factories worldwide. It started working in Chile at the end of the 19th century and recently increased its presence to 7 factories producing more than 1500 different products. With a significant presence comes the need for high-quality, outstanding communication, and so Nestle started looking for solutions for one of their offices in the country. A complete system with AREC, QSC, Sennheiser, and Crestron was offered by our partner Novotic - a solution that was just what Nestle was looking for.

Two PTZ cameras were set up in the meeting room - one to follow the presenter, and one for the public. The local audience is connected with remote attendees using Microsoft Teams. This local audience is using a Sennheiser microphone system, which is connected to a QSC DSP. The latter sends data to a Crestron control processor. Crestron processor switches active cameras on AREC LS-400 Media Station according to the active speaker and triggers associated PTZ presets. The combined and individual images from the local cameras and software videoconferencing are recorded by the Media Station and streamed for internal use by Nestle.

Is your company also looking for solutions that can enhance meetings? Contact us at and we will be happy to give you a personal demonstration.

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