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Case Study: Improving Meeting Quality with AREC and Shure Tracking Integration in Chile

Dear ADENA Partners, this time we have a corporate case study from Chile. Our partners Tecso and System Integrator Adaptor created a professional yet simple solution for a training room, combining AREC auto-tracking with Shure ceiling microphones. Find out how this solution works below.

The training room has two distinct areas: one for the presenter and another for attendees, both covered by Shure MXA ceiling microphone systems. Training sessions are held in multiple rooms in other locations at the same time through video conferencing. Given the size and layout of the room, it is difficult to show every attendee and the presenter with a single camera. Therefore, the company decided to enhance the room with professional AV technology. Thanks to the efforts of our partners, the company settled on AREC DS-4CU Speaker Tracking Station and CI-21H PTZ cameras to automatically track and show active speakers.

The presenter’s area is covered by one CI-21H and MXA 710, whereas the other CI-21H and MXA 920 are covering the attendee area. Both cameras are connected to the DS-4CU, and they switch according to the active microphone lobe on Shure. If it is the presenter speaking, then the system displays only the CI-21H aimed at them. If someone from the audience starts talking, the system displays that audience member. The switching is fully automatic and swift, ensuring that the active speaker is always visible, and the users don’t need to press any buttons to make the system work. Thanks to the latest firmware update of the station, it is now possible to switch between two MXA systems, and a single DS-4CU can accommodate up to 4 MXA systems simultaneously (read more about it here). The DS-4CU’s video output is converted into USB and is sent into a Teams video conferencing app as a webcam for other meeting rooms to see.

The company is very satisfied with their new high-tech training room and is planning to set up this solution in more rooms in the future. Is your conferencing room lacking tracking for speakers? Let us know at, and we will find the right solution for you.



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