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Use multiple Shure MXA arrays simultaneously with the new DS-4CU update

Dear ADENA Partners, we have exciting news for you! With the new DS-4CU update it is now possible to use up to 4 Shure MXA microphone arrays on the same DS-4CU station.

MXA microphone array series from Shure are known for their excellent audio and can be set up in numerous environments: schools, city halls, conference rooms, and more. Adding DS-4CU to your Shure setup will let you create unique tracking presets with up to 4 video sources, such as computers and network cameras, and automatically change your video image depending on the active speaker. You can output this video image into an AV system or videoconferencing hardware with a simple HDMI or VGA cable, through RTSP, or connect it to a computer with an accessory like RADA Bridge and use it as a webcam in any app.

Setting up DS-4CU is simple and doesn’t require complex programming - take a look at our ADENAcademy lesson dedicated to it to learn more about this product and its configuration.



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