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Capture your audience with our new PanoCam!

Dear ADENA Partners, we have exciting news! So often what is needed in a courtroom, lecture hall, city council, or any other location with a seated audience is a camera to capture everyone, with a wide enough angle, PoE, and other necessary features. We present to you our answer to this need, the A-PC01 PanoCam

With up to 4K resolution and a 120° field of view, the PanoCam will make sure that no attendee is left out of the image. Moreover, the camera supports PoE, making it very easy to set it up on ceilings and walls with just a network cable. Designed for these kinds of installations, PanoCam comes with a bracket included in the package, reducing the cost and simplifying the setup process.

PanoCam’s USB and Network outputs work simultaneously, giving users the freedom to use it as they wish. Furthermore, it produces two network streams: one shows the completely zoomed out image, whereas the other can pinpoint a specific area with ePTZ. You can use both streams at the same time, add them to the same AREC or other device, and switch dynamically between them.

Lastly, PanoCam also features a Line audio input and supports direct RTMP streaming, making it possible to use the camera as a standalone solution if needed. It doesn’t require applications to work and everything about it can be configured through the web interface.

PanoCam is already available. Take a look at its product page on our website and reach out to us at if you would like to see it working live.



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