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AREC New Media Station KS-2

We will host a webinar with KS-2 detailed introduction on July 14th, 2016 (Thursday) at 09:00 am GMT. Join us by clicking here!

In order to make more people enjoy sharing their own story/video, ADENA Limited, as AREC exclusive representative in Europe and the CIS countries, is proudly presenting the new AREC cost effective solution: KS-2, which will lead media capturing industry to be closer to the daily users.

*** We have simplified the way it works, but we have kept all the AREC advantages. Only to name a few here: 1. “PLUG-n-PLAY” design 2. Almost no IT knowledge required 3. Recording and live broadcasting (YouTube, Facebook and many others) at the same time 4. Industry only GUI (Graphical User Interface) design 5. Free to choose recording an edited video, or both (original source file and edited video) for later re-editing 6. Real portable solution (easy to travel with). 7. Remote controller, like using a TV at home

*** We always help our partners to find more potential users of Media Capture System. KS-2 supports all conventional applications such as: 1. Education/corporate/medical, and some more, such as: Personal event recording and live broadcasting (YouTube, Facebook and many others) 2. A new solution for “shared media” channel owners with 2 cameras and “Auto-Tracking” function

There is much more interesting stuff waiting for you to find out. Contact ADENA Limited for more details at



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