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AREC Firmware Upgrade 2.9 for LS and KL Stations

Dear ADENA Partners, we are happy to inform you that the 2.9 FW version update is now live and available to download from our website.

The main features you will find in this update are:

  1. Compact Layout Editor built inside the Online Director web interface. With it you can now create a new recording and streaming layout straight from a theme - check this video out for more details.

  2. Camera control to AREC GUI. You are now able to select any of your currently used sources and adjust their PTZ and presets right from the display using touch input or a connected computer mouse.

  3. Subtitle editor in the Online Director web interface. You can position a text box overlay in your mixed video and input text live in your recording and streaming sessions.

You can check out these new features, along with a few quality of life improvements like scheduled power on/off by downloading the 2.9 FW (or for LS-860) version from our website here at



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