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ADENAcademy - learn how to set up, configure, and use AREC and RADA devices

Dear ADENA Partners, we have some exciting news for you! We are ready to launch our new initiative - ADENAcademy. It is a free training course that is split into three levels with a total of 30 lessons. The lessons teach how to install, configure, and use AREC Media Stations, Tracking solutions, and other products from the ADENA portfolio. Each ADENAcademy lesson summarises all relevant information to the topic of the lesson and links a video, ADENA Hacks, and other materials that are related to this topic. Each of these lessons takes an average of 15 minutes to complete, making it easy to fit them into any part of the day. Each lesson includes a few questions that you can test your knowledge with. Successful completion of all ADENAcademy lessons will grant you a personalised certificate of AREC/RADA proficiency.

Try it out now - find “ADENAcademy” under “Resources” on our website or click here to get started. You can complete the lessons in any order, but we suggest starting with the “Basics”, continuing with the “In-Depth”, and finishing off with the “Only Pros Know”, especially if this is your first time working with our products.



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