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ADENA Hack: How to update multiple AREC Media Stations’ FW at the same time

AREC devices can be updated in a number of ways - we covered some of them before, such as the USB update method. However, all of these methods can only update one station at a time. In order to provide the best user experience, our team developed a new tool for batch firmware updating called Station Firmware Update Manager. The tool doesn’t need to be installed and is simple to use - just run it, add the Media Stations that you’d like to update, input credentials, then select the firmware file and start updating. In the meantime, the tool will show all the relevant information, such as your model, current firmware version, and device status. Updating stations’ FW has never been easier! Want to know more about the different tools from AREC? Contact us via and we will be happy to provide you with more information.



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