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Work/Study Remotely with AREC

Dear ADENA partners, this time we would like to share some ways in which AREC products can be used to work or study remotely. It is surprisingly easy!

  • STREAM - with AREC Media Stations, schools and universities can stream their lectures and classes online to enable remote student participation. Companies can stream their meetings to link employees and partners throughout the world. Governmental organizations can stream meetings, discussions, proceedings and more to make their constituents aware of the work. It’s possible to stream up to 2 platforms at the same time, like YouTube, Facebook, or any other RTMP platform. If you would like additional security, you can use private platforms (e.g. Wowza), or even connect to an internal station stream via RTSP link.

  • PRESENT WITH STYLE - with HDMI to USB Bridge sales or support team can convert cameras and other sources and use them as a webcam. This will allow them to show presentations or product features in fully customizable multi-channel layouts in Skype, Zoom, and other video conferencing software. With AREC products, you can define how you would like to deliver your content and add personal flair to your work.

  • BACKUP AND REVISIT - Your work and materials’ safety is a priority for us! All AREC Media Stations support FTP and SFTP backup modes. They are also integrated with popular video content management systems (VCMS), allowing users to conveniently access their recorded material in a flash on any device.

If you would like to know more about any of the ways in which AREC products can help you achieve successful remote work or study process, please visit, and we will schedule a discussion at your convenience.



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