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RADA Bridge - turn HDMI devices into USB without any software

Dear ADENA partners, video conferencing can be more than just showing a face or sharing your screen. Using the right tools, video conferencing can bring as much effect as a personal meeting. One of such tools is RADA HDMI-to-USB Bridge.

With RADA Bridge, you can connect any HDMI device - video camera, document camera, microscope, gaming console, and even medical equipment for use on a computer. You can enhance your call with a better camera angle, show materials in close up, and turn your computer into a streaming station. The bridge is plug-and-play - it is simple to use and doesn’t need software. Take a look at this video or brochure to learn just how handy it is.

Want to know more about our products? Visit our website and we will happily answer any questions and arrange a demonstration for you.



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