Online Education No Longer a Future Topic

Dear ADENA partners, it is time to look at Online Education in detail. Online Education allows students to participate in lectures remotely from anywhere in the world. Classes can go uninterrupted, and that means students don’t need to cancel their course applications and universities don’t need to lay off staff. This is a crucial advantage these days, and increasing numbers of universities and schools are seeing it and adapting accordingly.

Some turn to video conferencing software on computers. These applications allow teachers to connect to students and hold lectures using even very basic devices. Students can ask questions in real time much the same way as in a lecture hall. However, such software is usually limited in 

  • Maximum number of participants

  • Content sharing abilities

  • Potential connection problems 

Participants must also make sure that their microphones and cameras are disabled, as otherwise they will distract everyone. This is already a nuisance with a few participants, and it becomes a true problem when there are dozens and hundreds of them. And on that scale, setting up lectures takes plenty of time from both students and lecturers. These are some of the main concerns among others for education practitioners relying on video conferencing.