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Media Collaboration System SG-1 Applications

Today’s article is dedicated to Spacesgate Media Collaboration System and how it can fulfill different needs of various vertical markets.


Due to interactive display and projector compatibility, users can do annotations with pen or fingers, and at the same time record and stream their work. It is widely recognized that the use of advanced audio-visual tools increases the effectiveness of education... READ MORE


Full audio-video collaboration with the possibility of choosing each station's inputs to work on brings offices and colleagues together. Work can be done more effectively and less traveling is required... READ MORE


Graphical User Interface allows users to control their PTZ cameras and record the smallest of details perfectly and the way they desire... READ MORE

And these are just some of the applications of SG-1. If you would like to learn more, we are planning a series of webinars. You can attend them through the following links:

English Webinar - Tuesday, November 20th 11:00 AM GMT Time. Duration - 15 Minutes.

Webinar en Español - Miercoles 21 de Noviembre 1:00 PM GMT. Duración - 15 Minutos.

Вебинар на Русском - Четверг, 22-е ноября, 14:00 (по Москве). Продолжительность - 15 Минут.



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