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ADENA Hack: How to use loop through on AREC Media Stations

Loop through is a feature of all LS and KL Media Stations. Essentially, it is a function that allows you to cycle and select which source to display locally. Loop through does not affect your recording and streaming layout. The fastest way to activate loop through is by clicking on the “display” icon, but you can also do it via a USB numeric keypad, RS-232 command, and TCP/HTTP API. Pressing loop through will cycle through all available sources on your Media Station, ending in a view of all of them together, and pressing again will return the station back to mirroring your recording and streaming video layout. This feature is very useful for your local audience, since it lets you focus on a relevant video source, such as a presentation, while still using all sources in the video recording/streaming. 

Check this video to know more about loop through, or if you would like to know more about how you can use AREC Media Stations for your tasks, please contact us at and we will happily assist you.



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