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ADENA Hack: How to track active speakers in a conference

With Speaker Tracking Station DS-4CU, you can create a scalable, easy to set up tracking solution based on microphones and presets. DS-4CU can track up to 99 speakers, supports up to 4 cameras (or other video sources), and it is integrated with microphone system models from the most popular brands (e.g. Shure, Televic, Sennheiser, Bosch, etc.) DS-4CU adjusts every graphical detail of the image according to your presets, and moves the associated camera into position the moment a microphone is activated. DS-4CU can change its active layout, background, and overlay, and, if you are using DS-4CU with an AREC Media Station, microphone activation can also change Media Station’s theme. Watch the following video to see how that works, or contact us at to learn more about AREC products.



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