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ADENA Hack: How to control PTZ of cameras connected via RTSP via IP

In LS and KL stations with 2.7 FW version and above, it is possible to control your source connected via RTSP by using VISCA over IP protocol. VISCA is a popular control protocol developed by Sony, and it is used by many PTZ camera brands, such as PTZOptics, Everet, Avonic, and others. Setting this PTZ control is very straightforward - first, select your video source signal type to be “Encoder”, type the RTSP link for your camera below, and then click on the “PTZ control” menu.

Once there, select “Visca over IP”, type the IP address of your camera, and press “Apply” - all done!

With the introduction of VISCA over IP support in AREC Media Stations, users are now able to view and control more third party cameras without a joystick. If you would like to know more about the different control options with AREC devices, please visit our website and we will be happy to present them to you.



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