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Houses of Worship: Livestreaming with AREC

Dear ADENA partners, proper implementation of recording and streaming technology can make all the difference in houses of worship. Especially in a time when physical presence is not always possible, recording and streaming solutions offer unparalleled convenience for attendees. Whether it is a baptism, wedding, funeral, or service, geography and quarantine periods do not need to factor into plans when a stream of the event is available. Streaming makes it possible to safely involve any number of participants without health risks, regardless of the venue size. All of these advantages make streaming a key necessity for any house of worship.

Recording and streaming is useful to churches themselves too. It makes ceremonies more accessible to a wider audience and uninitiated - events can be seen live or recorded on social media and CDNs. AREC Media Stations are great for that, as they can maintain 2 streams in Full HD quality on Facebook, Youtube, or other platforms at the same time. Furthermore, AREC devices are easy to use - they were designed for people without an IT or broadcasting background. For example, users can initiate simultaneous recording and streaming on Media Stations just by pressing the “record” button or set up a schedule in advance for the station to initiate the process itself. Auto tracking technology is similarly straightforward - it allows the speaker freedom of movement to conduct their activities and interact with their audience without constantly controlling the camera. A wide range of cameras, tracking, recording, and streaming devices makes it possible to create a complete solution for any house of worship under one brand, ensuring ultimate compatibility and providing additional features. Would you like to know more about how AREC can be useful for your projects? Contact us via our website and we will gladly assist you.



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