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AREC Media Capture System – the Best Help to Memorize your Event

Everyone wants to keep the best memory of their event or the event they join. A well-made video will be the best way to do it. No matter, which kind of event it is, a speech, a wedding ceremony, a product live introduction or many others, AREC Media Capture System is the best solution to keep your memory.

However, to produce the recorded video for archiving and in the same time stream it live during the event, is always a big headache for the event organizer and requireы a lot of efforts.

AREC Media Capture System can cover:

  1. Image capturing by AREC FHD IP camera;

  2. Presenter tracking for keeping the main character on the stage always in a close-up by AREC industry-only real Auto-Tracking System;

  3. Recording and broadcasting at the same time by AREC Media Station.

If you are looking for a new solution for capturing and broadcasting, please visit AREC booth at ISE 2017, Hall 13, E100. To arrange a meeting with us, please send email to Mr. Yakov Fu (

Or if you are located in Benelux, you can visit our partner’s event on January 18th & 19th, where we believe you can find many interesting ideas about how to use AREC Media Capture System to optimize your event.



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