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Enhance your video conference system

AREC Media Capture System makes your video conference is no longer only a video conference. You can archive the video of your important meeting and even live broadcast your conference on internet to all of your overseas colleagues and your partners as well who are not able to be in the meeting room with you.

What AREC Media Capture System can do?

  1. AREC Media Capture System has 4 video inputs (1080p) to receive your video signal, e.g. 1st input from all conference attendees’ screen, 2nd input from presentation (PC/NB), 3rd input can receive local camera to observe the whole conference hall and 4th to receive signal from any other device which your conference will use via VGA/HDMI interface.

  2. AREC Media Capture System is a meeting/conference record archiving device.

  3. AREC Media Capture System supports multi-source live streaming to broadcast the live image and voice of on-going event to any listener at any location on YouTube.

Other AREC Media Capture System’s amazing features:

  1. Proprietary signal separation technology: with this in-house technology, you can have different screen layouts for archiving and live broadcasting. This makes your system allocation much more flexible.

  2. Graphical User Interface: intuitive GUI design, easier and faster to find what you need.

  3. Dual recording options: user can choose to have a synchronized 4-ch input video with chosen screen layout or to have 4 original input video files, this is for user to re-edit video with 3rd party video editing software on a PC/NB

  4. Remote controller in package: no need a PC/NB to use AREC Media Capture System, with remote controller, user can have an Easy-like-TV user experience on a normal monitor.

  5. On-line director: user can edit video according to their preferences (screen layout, sound effect, camera angle etc.) in the same time while conference is on-going.



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