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Case Study: Education and Recreation Center in Marki (Warsaw), Primary School no. 4

ADENA Limited and KONTEL (official AREC distributor in Poland) are proudly bringing a new sports-related case study from Warsaw to your attention today. A combination of an LS-400 Media Station and four CI-21H PTZ Cameras perfectly and reliably capture and stream young athletes’ performance from every angle, delivering results for the school and public.

It is widely believed in sports that repetition is a key to success. Organisations all over the world realise that - they are investing vast sums of money in training, development, and technology to facilitate learning, including recording products. When there is a recording, a sportsperson can analyse and understand what can be improved, and this serves as a foundation material for trainers’ lessons. Streaming helps owners obtain all kinds of benefits as well, such as spectators and viewership, prestige and income, and else.

Warsaw Sports School learned that AREC can do all of the above and more for it, and it shows. Choosing the top of the line LS-400 Media Station and professional PTZ CI-21Hcameras, the school can now simultaneously record and stream a mixed video of 4 channels, and have a separate recording of every channel as well. Other crucial advantages of AREC LS-400 include numerous user-friendly ways of control, ability to instantly customise video, save recordings to FTP, SFTP, and VOD platforms such as Kaltura, Panopto, and Opencast.

Would you like to know how AREC can make your organization perform better? Contact us via chat, we will happily arrange a demonstration to you.



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