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CI-T21H - More Than Just a PTZ Camera

Today’s article is dedicated to a unique solution for your videoconferencing, Media Capture Systems, and even regular computers, where it replaces webcam with its higher quality Full HD 1080P. It is Auto-Tracking Camera CI-T21H. This camera employs time-tested and advanced tracking technologies via IR developed by AREC, has 10x times optical zoom, 5x times digital zoom; it features numerous integral functions, such as noise reduction, wide dynamic range (WDR), auto-focus, and also, auto-zoom. With auto-zoom users can make their videos truly professional, since now they will be able to approach and move away from the camera, with the picture zoom being adjusted automatically. What makes this camera even more exciting is its specification. The camera can be connected via HDMI, IP, and USB 3.0. USB port is also 2.0 compatible.



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