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Case study: Touch and Record - AREC in Arts Academy, Czechia

Dear ADENA Partners, today’s case study is about the Academy of Arts Architecture & Design in Prague, Czechia. Completed by our official Czech partner, DISK, this case demonstrates how easy it is to Livestream and record lectures with AREC solutions.

The academy, commonly known by its moniker UMPRUM, is an old and respectable institution that produced numerous talented architects, designers, and fine artists in different disciplines. The secret to its recipe is the quality of teaching and professionalism of its lecturers. However, as with the majority of education providers worldwide, the ongoing COVID restrictions made it challenging for the academy to continue in a standard fashion. To retain its high class of teaching, UMPRUM went with a similarly high-class recording and streaming equipment, AREC.

One of the most important characteristics for the academy was the user-friendliness of the equipment. While all AREC devices satisfy this requirement, it is the 3 channel KL-3WT Media Station and its inbuilt touch screen that charmed UMPRUM staff the most. With just a couple of touches, any presenter, even without IT or AV background, is able to completely change their video - for example, show a document camera full screen, or switch to a camera with computer presentation. These video source combinations, together with custom backgrounds and overlays, can be saved for quick access - a feature that came extremely handy to the academy given the number of different devices present in their lecture halls.

UMPRUM joins the long list of universities that use AREC devices for their e-learning needs. Is your institution also looking for such solutions? Contact us at and we will be happy to assist you with any questions.



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