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Case Study: National Political Center of The Hague, The Netherlands

AREC Media Station has played an important role in The Netherlands.

November 23rd, 2016, Council for Public Governance of The Netherlands invited Mrs. Femke Halsema to have a ROB-lecture in Glazen Zaai, Prinsengracht, Den Haag, The Netherlands.

There were more attendees participating this event than expected and event hall could not fulfill the requirement of the seat quantity. Because of that, organizer of the event needed to look for a live streaming solution, allowing everyone who wanted to follow this public event to see it live on YouTube.

Mwee Licht & Geluid – the event executor, after consulting with Sanel NV (official distributor of AREC Solution in Benelux) about this urgent situation, has chosen AREC KS-2, due to its easy and quick set-up onsite, and ability to do live streaming of both video- and computer-content (e.g. presentation). On top of this, the AREC KS-2 also allows to record the event at the same time.

Whole solution set-up was quite simple: Conventional AV camera connected via HDMI-interface to the AREC KS-2 Media Station. Audio was connected through the AV camera.

The event organizer was satisfied with AREC’s simple setup and great performance. And this great event had a thunderous applause on the Finale.

Here you can find full event video streamed to YouTube by AREC KS-2.



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