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Case Study: Major Cargo Service (Russia)

ADENA Limited and Tayle Co. Ltd. would like to share this new success story about Major Cargo Service. It is a Russian company, famous for its wide array of services, including commercial freight, customs clearance help, storage and cargo handling. Constant development, innovation, and training of personnel is enshrined in the culture of this logistics company, which spends a lot of time to train its employees. It is, therefore, unsurprising, that Major Cargo Service achieved outstanding results in their business, and opened numerous regional offices and branches countrywide. Nearly 50% of company’s employees are working in these branches, so as a consequence, corporate training must rely on a smooth and efficient communication technology.

This is where AREC Media Capture solutions, championed by Tayle and ADENA in Russia, come to the spotlight. Since most of the company’s top management, as well as professional lecturers and experts, are based in Moscow, it is economically more prudent to create recordings and streams of lectures and training sessions for employees to watch via Internet. Thus Major Cargo Service IT department was tasked with installing a reliable and easy-to-use system to record trainings, which can be accessed by employees from every office. Given the flexibility of AREC Media Capture solution, as well as its user-friendliness, it was an obvious choice for this reputable logistics company.

With AREC KS-2 Media Station, Major Cargo Service created professional videos with different layouts to suit their needs. The IT department connected existing audio-visual equipment, such as AVer PTZ cameras, in a single, convenient system. This increased the company’s training session audiences three times, since KS-2 also allows users to record and stream on platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook at the same time, where many employees headed to learn. Now training in Major Cargo Service is not limited by the boardroom size of Moscow office, or distances between branches, since expertise and ideas can be shared on demand anytime. As Alexey Stepanov, IT Department head for Major Cargo Service, put it himself: “In just two weeks of trial testing, it quickly became obvious that the system is a must-have”.

Text: Anastasia Yakimenko



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