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AREC’s Official Debut in Benelux Market

It takes 1 000 hits with a hammer to forge a sword. If it was less, its quality would suffer and it wouldn’t bring the wishful victory! Now, after thorough preparation, AREC’s partner in Benelux “Sanel NV” has officially introduced the new product line “AREC Media Capture System” to the market during their most important annual event – Sanel 2016 Dealerdays (Sep. 21~22 and 28~29, 2016).

More than 50 dealer/SI companies have been invited to Sanel 2016 Dealerdays. We received a very positive feedback as well as several project inquiries. So, what are you waiting for?! Let’s move forward together and reach the victory through AREC solution!

If you are not yet familiar with AREC Media Capture System, the following video will give you a basic knowledge of it:

Here is our official YouTube channel, where you can find many to-the-topic videos, including our webinars:

Contact information:

Mr. Patrick Hermans (

Mr. Yakov Fu (

*ADENA Limited is the official sales representative of AREC in European and Russian speaking countries.



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