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AREC Partner Events - Must Visit

Are you looking for recording and streaming products that simplify the user experience? That mix well with other brands and can be automated? For reliable auto-tracking technology that allows you to follow the presenter and pick out audience members? Then take a look at AREC and visit our partners at any of the following events to see how you can create great solutions for education, corporate, government, and other vertical markets with our brand and products of other manufacturers.

🔵 South Africa - Alpha Technologies’ Golf Day (30th of August 2023).

🔵 Greenland - UNIT.DK, AVCenter, and Inu:IT at Digital Arctic 2023 (6th and 7th September 2023).

🔵 Germany - Videlco at PIK Convention 2023 (7th of September 2023).

🔵 Denmark - UNIT.DK Partner Event (12th and 14th September 2023).

🔵 Poland - Kontel Partner Summit 2023 (13th and 14th September 2023).

🔵 Belgium - Sanel Partner Days 2023 (11th and 12th October 2023).



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