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ADENA Hack: How to use SDVoE with AREC?

SDVoE is a high-performance, software-based AV-over-IP standard that can deliver HDMI signals over Ethernet with zero latency, with support of 4K, transfer of RS-232 commands, infrared control, and other features. As a brand specialising on AV-over-IP solutions, we fully support the development of SDVoE and are creating compatible products. Currently, we produce a line of transceivers called DS-MT1.

These devices have HDMI inputs and outputs that support up to 4K@60FPS, carry both audio and video, and can transmit signals through a dedicated 10G network. They can be used in a variety of environments, including universities, companies, healthcare institutions, houses of worship, and many more, primarily to deliver signals of the greatest quality and without delay.

DS-MT1 is controlled through a special application called AREC SDVoE Matrix that you can download on our website. This application allows users to deploy DS-MT1 in a video matrix, video wall, and group modes. When using DS-MT1 units in a video matrix mode, users can choose for any DS-MT1 to either show its own input source on the connected output, or to display a source connected to any other DS-MT1 in the network. When using DS-MT1 units in a video wall mode, users can define a single DS-MT1 to act as the source image transmitter that is then displayed by other DS-MT1 units on connected video wall panels. The software currently supports 2x2 to 9x9 video wall sizes. Lastly, in the group mode, users can assign different groups of DS-MT1 units to receive content from particular DS-MT1 transmitters. The control software doesn’t limit how many group and video wall modes you can have simultaneously in the same project, and so you can freely switch between different scenarios in a matter of one click.

While DS-MT1 can be installed with all kinds of AV brands and products, the perfect companion for it from our Media Stations range is definitely LS-110. This 2-channel station supports 4K input and output, and so it is able to fully utilise the advantages of SDVoE technology in transmitting stunning content over IP. Using these two products together lets you record, stream, and backup your computer content and other AV devices, like cameras and mixers, while preserving 4K quality on all local and remote video walls, displays, and projectors connected to the DS-MT1 units.

Would you like to know more about how you can use AREC and SDVoE in your projects? Let us know at and we will arrange a call to discuss the possibilities with you.



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