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ADENA Hack: How to use Dante Audio to connect Yamaha Adecia Solutions and other Dante-enabled products to AREC LS-410?

AREC LS-410 is the first of our Media Stations to support Dante Audio. In case you do not know this protocol, Dante Audio, created by Audinate, is a network protocol that is used by more than 4,000 products and 600 AV brands. The protocol makes it very easy to send audio using standard network environments and is essential when it comes to AV-over-IP setups.

We will use Yamaha Adecia Conferencing Solutions, represented by our Polish distributor Kontel, to give an example of how Dante systems are typically connected. The first step is to download the Dante Controller software from Audinate’s website. Simply run it and select which network to scan for Dante devices. You will then see a list of found Dante-enabled receiver and transmitter devices. By default, LS-410 will be recognised as “ARECDEP”, followed by a hyphen and the last 6 digits of its MAC address. This name can be changed using the Dante Controller application.

If your device does not appear in the list, you should check whether Dante is enabled on your device and if it is properly connected to the correct network. On the LS-410, Dante is always enabled, whereas for Yamaha, you can check by running the RM device finder tool and then accessing the webpage of your RM-CR conference processor.

Once you log in, proceed to the Peripheral Settings page. You can either let the processor automatically route all Dante connections by ticking the associated box or do it manually.

Furthermore, you can navigate to the Audio Processing page to customise the audio channels processed by the RM-CR and how they are sent out.

Coming back to the Dante Controller tool, as you can see in our example picture above, AREC LS-410 is both a receiver and a transmitter, supporting 2 input and 2 output channels. These channels can work simultaneously. Apart from the station, the table lists different elements of the Yamaha Adecia conferencing solution, including RM-CG ceiling microphone array, RM-CR conference processor, RM-WAP wireless access point for DECT microphones, and VXL1 speakers. Each listed channel is mono, and on AREC, channel 1 is predefined to be left, whereas channel 2 is right. In the case of Yamaha RM-CR, channels can be customised to be either left or right, making it easy to ensure you have the right stereo setup for your purposes.

As for selecting Dante audio sources on the LS-410, generally, there are two ways you can do this. The first is to simply tick the box on the intersection between the receiver channel 1 or 2 of the LS-410 with the transmitter device you would like to connect. You can use both channels simultaneously, and in our case, we have an output of the RM-CG ceiling microphone sent to channel 2 and the RM-CR audio processor to channel 1. You can hover over the connection coordinate to see an information popup, making it clear which device will be transmitting to which receiver.

The other way you can do this is by double-clicking on the LS-410 in the “Receivers” column. This will open the “Device View” page, where you will see which channel of your receiver is using audio from which transmitter.

Simply drag the necessary channel from the right side of this page onto your desired channel to establish the connection

You can use the “Device View” page to configure your LS-410 as a transmitter as well by clicking on “Transmit”. Drag the output channels of your LS-410 to the receiving devices to hear the LS-410 audio output there. For example, you can send the combined stereo output of LS-410 to Yamaha VXL speakers, or to any other audio processor.

And that’s all there is to it. Using Dante, you are able to unite all kinds of professional AV hardware with just a network cable, ensuring smooth setups that save costs and improve the user experience. Would you like to know more about the LS-410 or other AREC products? Contact us at for a free presentation or a consultation on your project needs.

Also, we would like to extend our gratitude to Tomasz Stajniak and the Kontel team for collaborating with us on this post. Make sure to contact them at to arrange an in-person demonstration of all AREC, Yamaha, and other brands’ product lines in Poland.



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