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Case Study: Enhancing Transparency — Kirkkonummi Municipality Chooses AREC Systems

Dear ADENA Partners, in this case study we are looking at a municipality in Finland that has started using AREC systems to stream council meetings. This project was carried out by our partner F-Musiikki and system integrator ATEA, who helped the institution choose the LS-400 Media Station for all their media needs.

The Kirkkonummi municipality is committed to being open and meeting the needs of its residents in all its communications. They manage various social media accounts and regularly share updates, news, and events on their website. To make information more accessible, the municipality decided to improve their live streaming capabilities by using professional AV equipment that can be automated, making the production process simpler and cost-effective.

For this purpose, the municipality chose the AREC LS-400 Media Station. This model can handle up to 4 video sources at the same time. Users can connect computers, network and conference cameras, document cameras, phones, and more to it. The station can arrange these devices into preconfigured and custom video layouts for recording and streaming. These video layouts can also be enhanced with custom logos and backgrounds to make the videos more visually appealing or to display important information. The station can simultaneously record a video layout and individual video sources, additionally providing the institution with materials for post-editing. Lastly, the station has the capability to display a particular video source on a local display or projector while simultaneously recording and streaming a different video layout.

One of the main benefits of the LS-400 is its user-friendly approach to recording and streaming. This device can be controlled using a standard computer mouse or touchscreen, through RS-232 and TCP control panels, via its own web interface, cloud service, mobile devices, and more. It's also possible to schedule recordings, streams, and backups, which is incredibly convenient for council meetings. Municipalities can easily integrate their event calendar with the station, allowing it to manage media processes automatically. As a result, the station can replace the need for a live crew, significantly reducing recording and streaming costs.

With the station in use, Kirkkonummi municipality has improved its communication by delivering clearer messages without requiring an operator's assistance. Discover how your organisation can streamline and automate media production with AREC on our website at We're available for live chat support and welcome any questions, so please don't hesitate to get in touch!



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