Media Station MS-650

A true all-in-one device to offer high quality Full HD synchronized recording, storage, backup, live streaming and remote management.
Real-time interactive function with 2-way communication for distance learning.

  • Multiple Sources Capturing
    Supports synchronized capturing of multiple sources through
    HDMI / VGA / RJ45 interfaces, it is compatible with Network Cameras, laptops, PCs, digital microscopes, wireless microphones, etc.

  • Achieve Multi-Source Live Steaming
    Besides multi-source recording, MS-650 also provides multi-source live streaming on YouTube Live, UStream, Twitch, etc.

  • Support Up to 4-Channel-In
    Simultaneously capture, edit and record up to 4 1080p sources and stream out 1 mixed movie for sharing with the wider audience. Entire interactive course can be recorded simultaneously with multiple camera angles.

  • Built-in Hard Drive Storage and Online Director
    1TB built-in hard drive.
    Built-in Online Director is used to control and monitor all camera, Auto-Tracking scanner and media station functions.
  • Achieve 2-Way Real-time and Interactive Communication
    Equipped with the same AREC MS-650 Media Station in the 2 remote
    classrooms, a real-time interactive course can be achieved with a 2-way
    communication for distance learning without adding any video
    conference equipment.

  • Graphical User Interface
    Comes with a full graphical user interface, utilizing information visualization
    The remote control allows for easy operations of the Media Station.
    The administrators can access the system settings and management options through the Media Station's web page.

          Download MS-650 datasheet HERE.

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