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ADENA Hack: How to optimize backups to a server

On LS and KL series stations with 2.7 FW and above, there is a new option that can help you boost uploading speed. This option allows you to define a specific time during which to upload all previously recorded videos. There are two ways to do it - one of them is to access the station’s “System Administrator” webpage, click on “Upload” and set “Auto Upload” to “Daily Scheduled”. Next, define the time period that this station will be using for uploading, whether it will be uploading both mixed and original videos, or only one of them, and what to do with files on the hard drive after uploading is finished. After these settings are filled out, press “Apply”, and the station will now follow the given schedule.

Another way is to trigger full speed uploading manually using the station’s GUI. For that, click on a “Gear” icon, and then navigate to the fourth tab, with a “Wrench” icon. The option you are looking for is “Upload at Full Speed Mode” - click on it, and you will be able to manually upload videos from the “Video Manager” webpage at a much higher speed. However, please note that no other operations (e.g. recording) can be done while full speed upload mode is active.

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